Joe On History Island

     One day, Joe and I rowed to a mysterious island. We heard a pterodactyl shriek, "Yum! Delicious tasting people for me!! For me!!" It swooped down at us and caught us. It dropped us. Luckily, we landed in a pile of leaves. Shouting, "Blood!! Kill!! Murder!!" the pterodactyl swooped down at us again. We ran into a cave. The pterodactyl swooped into the cave shouting. "Chop heads off!! Yum!!" I took my axe and chopped off a piece of a pointed object (stalactite) which hung from the cave. Joe threw it at the pterodactyl and, with a loud shriek, the pterodactyl fled. We were bleeding from the wounds of its talons. I took out my first-aid kit. All of a sudden, we heard this "Ar Uby-At! Ar Uby-At!" We walked farther into the cave. We saw a huge tyrannosaur with three spears in its head. We wondered for a minute as the loud shriek roared like thunder. I grappled my rope on the tyrannosaur. We climbed the tyrannosaur as the "Ar-Uby-At!" got louder. When we reached his head, we pulled out the spears and bandaged his wounds. We swung off the tyrannosaur. Suddenly, out of the blue, we heard "Uga, uga. Me capture them." Cavemen were nearby! We were captured and were taken to Warfare Stadium. Pterodactyls and cavemen were watching anxiously. A dinosaur came in acting strangely. Pterodactyls shrieked, "Kill him!" The dinosaur had three patches on its head. We realized the dinosaur. The dinosaur lowered its head. We climbed on it. It zipped out of the stadium eating every pterodactyl and caveman in his path. We heard a ferocious voice say, "Murder those bloody people!!" It was the pterodactyl that swooped down at us when we set foot on the island. Joe picked up the piece of stalactite and threw it at the pterodactyl nest which had hatching eggs in it. No harm was done. The pterodactyl swooped down at us. We ran for the boat and rowed home carrying the piece of stalactite. The pterodactyl in anger and hunger flew back to her nest. The tyrannosaurus guarded Joe's house and occasionally burglars came. The dinosaur scared them off.

George Chadderdon, c. 3rd Grade