The Snake

Chapter 1: Three Snakes Together

     One upon a time, there was a snake, and any people he saw he hissed at. He was a Moccasin, one that likes to hiss. He saw a woodman near the water; he hissed at him. He saw a police man by; he hissed at him. Then the fire chief came by; he hissed at him, but then, strangely enough, he hissed at a wolf and a bear and even another moccasin. Then the other moccasin went to the police station, the bear to where the woodman was chopping, and the wolf went to the fire department. The wolf ate up the firemen. And the bear ate the woodman. And the Moccasin did a special thing; she bit the policemen by the hand, dragged them to the hissing moccasin, shared their food, and mated a new baby, and Hissing-moccasin never hissed again. They loved their baby's bright yellow tail.

Chapter 2: Snakes Take Care

     Their peace was great until the bear attacked their baby. The two snakes tried to free their baby, but the bear clawed and bit. The two snakes became frightened and crawled back. The male moccasin tried his old trick—hissing—but it failed. The female bit the bear, but it bit back. There was a few silence so that they could hear the wolf howl. Then a pack of fierce wolves. Yes, it was a terrifying, frightening, and scary emergency of all emergencies. They called their army of cousins, the Copperheads. As the army was going around, they realized that their cousins, the Moccasins, were calling. When they got over, they bit the bear and the wolves several times until they were dead and then they went back. The two Moccasins watched as the baby crawled out. Then, they caught insects and ate them together.

Chapter 3: A Bad Dream

     After they ate, they slept and had a long bad dream. The bad dream was brought up by the attack they had. The dinosaur monster rised again, and that was the bad dream. Let's tell what happened. The dinosaur monster was a tyrannosaurus rex, and bit the snakes several times, and it was ready to kill the snakes. It's claws were fierce, and they kept going into the snakes' bloodstream and the pain was a terrible pain. All of the snakes tried to fight him, but he was too strong for them. The snakes tried biting him, but he bit back. They tried to strangle him, but his neck was too big to be strangled. They had tried almost every plan. There was nothing to do but flee. They tried to flee, but the dinosaur killed all the snakes. When the Moccasins woke up, they realized it was all a dream.

Chapter 4: Moccasins Catch Prey for Winter

     Then, next day, after their bad dream, they were catching a whole bunch of prey for Winter. They had caught eighteen beetles, twenty flies, 100 leaf-cutter bees and ants, and in total they had 238 bugs. They decided to catch more bugs. They caught 800 aphids and 1 ichneumon (ik-NEW-man) wasp. They had in total 1,039 bugs. They were satisfied with their amount of bugs. The three moccasins had ate some food after catching prey. The female rubbed the baby and male on the back when suddenly the male moccasin put his eyes on a fossil of a giant dragonfly. They began to wish that it existed for prey. Meanwhile, the clouds were getting ready for Winter. Then, they stopped looking at the fossil and started looking at the sky. It was Winter! They went under a tree, used it as a Winter home, and ate.

George Chadderdon, 2nd Grade