George Chadderdon's Prog Rock Database Project

Welcome to my Prog Rock Database Project. This is my initial effort, still under construction, to develop a database web application. It is to be a searchable database of progressive rock music with links to information about the bands, their albums, and songs. The phenomenon of prog rock rock began in the mid-60s in the United Kingdom, probably inspired largely by the experimentations of the Beatles. One of the earliest prog rock albums was The Moody Blues' Days of Future Passed, a concept album with orchestral interludes between the folk/world music-flavored rock pieces. The prog rock movement largely died in the mid-70s, but had a brief resurgence in the 80s. Most, though not all, of these groups are or were British. Typical prog rock groups: King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, ELP (Emerson, Lake, and Palmer), Van Der Graaf Generator.


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For much more information about progressive rock, check out the Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock.

Last Updated: 11/29/2009