What's New?

(June 12, 2002)

My first semester at Indiana University has gone well (with A's in all three courses). Now that it is summer, I've started doing research with Professor Sporns for my first-year research project. The focus of this will be modeling working memory in the pre-frontal cortex.

In addition to my research, I'm also reviewing my higher mathematics in preparation for next semester. My main challenges in the next few years will be learning the neuroscience and mathematics I'll need to do mathematical modeling of neural systems, and also figuring out precisely what research I want to do in the long-run. But that's what grad school is all about, I guess...

I've been meaning to put some of my latest poetry up on this site, but I've been busy with other things, including the essays I recently wrote on mysticism and esthetics. I've been too busy reading and studying lately to write much new verse. All is generally quiet, maybe even a little too much so, here.

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