What's New?

(December 9, 2004)

After several months of abject defunctitude, this site lives again! (I've fully relocated it to my IU personal web space.)

A fair amount has happened since the spring. I'm just finishing up another semester here at IU. Over the summer I dispatched my quals exams (with commendations, in fact) and, oddly enough, even had some time to do some classical composition for guitar. 11 original guitar preludes and a transcription of the Volga Boatmen are up on the SibeliusMusic musical site in MIDI files. My work on my TADS game has been on hold for lack of time, and 13 more guitar preludes wait to be written. I'm hoping this Christmas break to have some free time for creative activities.

Research is moving along slowly. I've not yet published my first paper based on my current research, but this should happen sometime next year. Most of my classes are out of the way, so that I maybe have two or three classes left to take, my second-year project, and finally work on my dissertation itself. My, how time has flown.

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