What's New?

(February 10, 2005)

At long last, I've begun the process of adding more of my poetry to this site. I probably won't be adding to the Poetry Gallery for a long while but to the no-frills, text-only site, I will definitely be adding works I've written between 2000 and now. (I've added 11 as of tonight.) It won't be a huge number of poems I'll be adding because "the Muse" has been largely quiet (at least about things I'm willing to share with a larger audience). Coursework, research, and other creative efforts such as composition and adventure-game programming have left the Muse stranded in the outer ether for awhile, but maybe soon...

The spring semester goes well (especially with only one 1-credit-hour class). In my research, I am probably close to submitting two papers for publication. I've begun the long debate with myself over whether I wish to go into academia or industry or government to do my research.

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