What's New?

(March 3, 2005)

Much poetry has been added to the text-only site as of last night, including some works of some length (the melancholy Moonlight Suite, the sci-fi short epic Starship Navigator, a satirical (but very unfinished) The Epic of Billgamesh, and the entirety of my most ambitious epic, The Noumenostishan (the Sacred-Song of Noumenos). I've also reorganized this page so that (what I believe to be) the best of my poems can be easily found and read. A number of the poems I've added probably need to be revised, but it's unclear when I'll have time in the future to do this, so I've put them up in the meantime. I'm considering putting up some of my non-verse writings as well. (There are fewer of these, so it would probably be easier.)

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