Other Fiction

I've written a good deal less plays and short stories than verse, but a few items may be worth showing off, either for laughs or perhaps to see some mildly-deserved light of day (at least some of the later stuff). So many things I began and never finished...

Elementary School (I Kid You Not!)

The Snake (c. 1979)

I wrote this is 2nd grade. I liked snakes... a lot. I still have the crayon drawings I made to go with it; I'd scan those in if I could be bothered. (Maybe some day.) Note: my punctuation wasn't quite that good when I was younger: I've cleaned this up a little!

The Royal Hero (c. 1980)

This was my first play. It was a sequel to play we read in my 3rd grade (I think) class about a innkeeper's hired boy who was made Knight Stupendous by the King. His adventure continues...

Joe on History Island (c. 1980)

Young George's twisted version of Androcles and the Lion. I think I wrote this in 3rd grade, also. Have Ar Uby-At it! (Oh, by the way, did I mentioned I also liked dinosaurs as a kid?)

Graduate (UCSD) Years (1993-1995)

Effusions of an Alph (Unfinished) (c. 1993)

An electronic journal kept by a robot serving about a space-station in the early 22nd Century. Here I tried to imagine what it might be like to be an intelligent inorganic life-form living among humans (the 'bio-creators'). This was a precursor to my poem Starship Navigator which is about another alph named Elgar. I had plans to write a good deal more of this, but what is present is surprisingly complete.

Trystan and Cuckolde (1994)

This is a verse play which is a spoof on Wagner's Tristan und Isolde. As much as I love Wagner's music, this clearly is the opera of his that most begs lampooning. Some suggestions at musical accompaniment are occasionally given, but it would be beyond my current abilities as a composer to set this to music. (Maybe in another life...)