Berry Charming

She bit into a strawberry
Teasingly, her
Alabaster teeth cutting the little fruit in twain,
Its sweet juices anointing in rouge her
Sleek, lusty tongue.
Half my heart she swallowed
Her eyes a dare,
A silent tittering of secret mirth,
Then rubbed her lips with its smooth,
Pale innards
Before devouring the rest;
And her eyes shone starlike
As I fell towards her,
Enthralled by her voodoo.
It was dark, but in the dimmed lamplight
I saw her flush,
As if my essence burned in her,
Knowing her elven voice to the depth of all knowing,
In my mind at least
I heard her say it,
Quite tenderly as she reared up on her tiptoes,
Arms clasped behind my neck,
Her blue eyes beaming at me.
From her reddened lips came the faintest click,
A coy little hiss, and they closed,
But briefly,
To open at last
On just a hint of her teeth:
Kiss me ...

George Chadderdon © 1997