Fall of the Black Knight

[Lyrics for a heavy-metal song in D-minor recorded on a Firefly demo-tape. The music for this song was also written by the author.]

Smothering in veils of black, my wounds were gaping red.
The darkness drove away the pain that swelled within my head.

My life was lost. My flesh numbed as I saw my kinsmen fade.
Waking in my bloody tomb, my hand still clutched my blade.

Chill consumes my body.
It stiffens from within.
I wait and I wonder
When my journey will begin.

Rising from the charnel earth, my soul began its flight.
Resting by accursed day and traveling by night.
Other spirits passed me by, those who shared my fate.
Heading for the river Styx towards the demon's gate.

Fear sears my mind
But my spirit can't resist.
I see the smoking waters
As I'm drawn into the mist.

I saw a shadow move towards the bank on which I stood.
A rotting boat, a ghoulish man, face hidden by a hood.
"Step inside, my mortal friend," he beckoned with his hand.
"You needn't pay. You're wanted here. Your journey has been planned."

Entering the boat
I feel the despair.
And as black Charon rows away
Voices from the river fill the air...

Descend ye into the depths. The Dark One calls.
The damned sink to Hades to be punished. Welcome, newcomer.
Welcome to Hell. They're waiting at the gate.
You're expected. We the damned extend our greetings.
Come suffer with us, dread one.
It's cold, so cold beyond the gate where you must go.
You'll learn to love the pain, the madness, the terror.
Join us now, good sinner. Can't you hear the Master call?
Join the dead! Join the dead! Join the damned! Join the doomed!
Hear the Dark One calling you home!

Reaching to the other side, the boatman said farewell.
He left me there bewildered at the doorstep of Hell.
Iron gates upon a rocky cliff then caught my eye.
Beyond them lay black Hades where the damned meet when they die.

Hopelessness my guide
As the gates open for me.
I enter knowing of my fate.
I'll stay for eternity.

George Chadderdon c. 1989