Blue Evening (a jazz tune)

Blue evening,
Blue, blue night.
Blue is the color of a
Lonely sigh.
A page is turned.
The muted hours go by.

Here in my little room,
I listen to these sad, sweet tunes
And think of you, my dear.
What am I to do?
Alone with my dreams
Not knowing
Will they ever come true?
Will they ever come true?

When the song is over
Shall I go to sleep?
When my day is ended
Shall I lay me down and weep?
Long will be the night
And I don't know if I
Have the will to fight,
And yet I'll make it to the light
Of another day, I deem.

Blue evening.
Blue, blue night.
Here in my little room
I play these tunes and
Lonesome sigh.
My friends are far away
And there's nothing left to say
So I…
Will think awhile of you
As the hours pass me by.

George Chadderdon © 2002