Burger Bailey

Burger Bailey,
Who do you want to be?

"Caesar and Napoleon, that's me, that's me, that's me."

Burger Bailey,
What path of life you take.

"Quarter-pounder cheese and a large vanilla shake.
I think I'll go on home and have a case of beer,
And sit before the TV and watch reruns of Cheers.
Tomorrow me and Hilda will go to see a show.
'Truth or Dare', what a scare, then back to work I go."

Burger Bailey.
What a sleepy man.
Counting days of life
Like endless grains of sand.

Burger Bailey,
How will you pay the rent?

"When I quit my job at Hardees, run for president."

Burger Bailey,
Why is life so hard?

"How sad it is when a man is dealt a losing card.
Can't seem to find a meaning to this life of mine,
But I go on living, counting out the time.
Some day my wife and me will become old and grey,
And I'll be flipping Whoppers until my dying day."

George Chadderdon © 1991