Cinderella's Inferno

Look, Cinderella's gone to Hell
To court the prince of darkness there!
Mark how her maddened bosoms swell,
The raging tempests in her hair!

Her vengeful fantasies fulfilled,
The bloody poker washed and dried,
She conjures up, with whispers chill,
The midnight fairy to her side.

"The bodies in the cellar lie.
Kind fairy, summon up your steeds.
Now from the city let us fly

To where my aching longing leads."

The dragon chariot makes descent
And Cinderella climbs inside,
To seal her promised covenant,
To make her prince a lusty bride.

Atop a high, volcanic peak
His castle rests in sulphurous style.
Within the subterranean reek
The dancing courtiers leer and smile.

Entrancing modal music swells
And wafts like flames about the hall.
The prince of all the nether hells
Is dancing naked at the ball.

With stiff erection, he exclaims
"My Cinderella, come to me!"
Her gown dissolves in twinkling flames;
She runs to mount him eagerly.

A waltz is struck and passions soar.
The demons sound a raucous cheer
As, shameless like no earthly whore,
She takes his evil into her.

"You see," he says. "The slipper fits!"
His breath alive with vodka stench.
"And when your torrid snatch permits,
Oh how I love your license, wench!"

So taken with his earthy ways,
She savors morbid ecstasies.
She's trippin', always in a daze,
Can't get enough of her disease.

Say, what think you of Cinderella?
Has she gone flip, my friends, or what?
It kind of makes a horny fella'
Wanta fuck that killer slut!

George Chadderdon © 1996