Coronation Day

[Lyrics for a heavy-metal song in D-major actually recorded on a 4-track demo tape by author and fellow members Mbuyi & Sanza Kazadi of a high-school band called Firefly. The author wrote the music also.]

Verse 1:

Hear the people shout across the land.
Times of glory now are close at hand.
Strife and war have fallen from our sight.
See the dawning of a age of light.


Peace and order are revived.
Promised leader has arrived.
No more fools to rule the land.
By the Crown our people stand.

Verse 2:

See the hungry and the poor man fed.
Criminals are to their judgment led.
Legions marching home in victory
Claiming forest, meadow, lake, and sea.

Repeat Chorus...

Bridge and Leads

Verse 3:

Bureaucratic chaos now is dead.
Sovereignty is held by one wise head.
Celebration feasts in every town
As our king steps forth to claim his crown.

Repeat Chorus...

George Chadderdon c. 1989