Deceiver—what life is this you've chosen for yourself?
Living by your tainted word,
Vows made and broken at the drop of a hat.
Always hiding from the ones who really care,
And soon you dare to stab them in the back,
For what does it mean to lose a friend,
When others are so quickly gained,
Who may profit you far greater than I?

Betrayer—you long for money and for fame,
You murder and let another take the blame.
You are a coward and a cur,
You couldn't face your conscience so you threw it away,
Yourself you have betrayed,
For all now curse your name as you reap your bloody profit.

Deceiver—you fear the truth so you've created
Another truth more to your taste.
A waxen mask to cover your sneers.
A laugh to hide your darkest fears,
Who are you? Does anybody really know? Do you?
Who the hell are you?
When you take off your mask and look into the mirror,
What do you see?
You are a mystery to me, but one thing I can see.
You can't be trusted.

Deceiver—you wonder why you feel so alone.
For no-one loves a heart of stone.
You've sold your soul for the glitter of gold.
You've sold your friends for a silver sceptre,
And forsaken love for lustful yearnings
Which perish when the morning comes.
So as a dragon, sleep you on your bed,
Of pearls and diamonds snatched from dead men.
What can these riches mean to one
Who stands in twilight unloved and alone?

Deceiver—you live by others' ignorance.
And with rabid nonchalance,
You dip your hand into their pockets
And steal their hard-earned pay,
Just a happy rake at play.
But you'll get yours yet, my friend
When you meet your end,
On the gallows before a throng
Of the people you have wronged.

Deceiver—you've cried out "Wolf!" so many times before.
Now the wolf is at your door,
And so now you scream in vain,
For no-one shall heed your perishing cries,
Left to die alone your fate,
Unmourned, scorned by those you left behind
But never shall they forget how you cheated them blind.
And so, deceiver, die!

George Chadderdon © 1992