Far Away

Can't you see that I'm not here?
I'm far away, away, my dear.
What did you say, I could not hear,
So far away, away, my dear.

Cannot see you through the gloom,
A hazy mist of creeping doom,
Stumbling through the evening drear
So far away, away, my dear.

The air is still like death's cold pall.
I stand behind my inner wall,
But rage and sorrow burn within
A roaring, searing desert wind.

Sometimes I'd like to strike you down,
And grind your pulp into the ground.
Your joy, it brings me naught but grief.
I hear you laughing when I weep.

Is it all the same to you,
Which path I tread, what fate I choose?
And am I just the words you hear,
So far away, away my dear?

Do you really give a damn
For the sorry wretch I am,
Or are you really like the rest
Friend one moment, stranger next?

I hear the shouts of merry din
And want to slay all those within.
To see those couples blessed by fate
Reminds me of my sorry state.
Oh, will I ever find a mate?

Do you ever wonder why
The light is dying in my eyes.
I long to be so far from here,
So far away, away, my dear,

Where my soul may find its peace
And where my hopes may be released,
Where my desires may bear me fruit,
And where some meaning may take root.

But cold is life, and cold this earth.
Cold are people in their mirth.
Cold the stars which shine above,
So who am I to ask for love?

But still I wait for one to come
To cleanse the anguish from my soul,
And follow me away from here,
So far way, away, my dear.

George Chadderdon © 1991