When Foundations Give Way

When foundations give way
No-one expects it.
When standing monuments suddenly crumble
We are at a loss
For words, for reasons, for the signs that should have told us.
Unseen, the eroding worms of molten lava
Burrow into and devour the hearts
Of mountains.
Unseen, water carves empty spaces in the earth.
Unseen, weariness and the aftermaths of petty rages
Sap the wills of titans.

In these moments
Faith is blasted,
And not just Faith in some hypothetical god,
But faith in Life,
Faith in Purpose and Permanence,
Faith in Existence.
And we must stand over the carcasses of
These monuments, these mountains,
These ruined titans,
And turn over their bones in our hands,
Noting the nodes of strain,
Seeking out the cracks that became rifts,
And the sores that became mortal wounds.
And we must count ourselves lucky
For the moment
That we are yet standing.

George Chadderdon © 2000