I Am

Starless night and damp cold mist
Floating through empty blackness
Only the frigid air does caress my skin,
Like some icy spirit's kiss.
My mind can only feel the chilly wind,
My eyes see distant points of light but are they real?
Or are they shadows of light which lives within?
An eerie chorus of unearthly chiming and droning rings on
An alien backdrop for my human despair.
I know for sure that I think therefore I am,
But I know too that I am alone here, master and lord of this sighing void
Whose tune does echo to my vacuous core.
But despair—it dies as well.
Now I feel nothing but a cold awareness:
I am, I am.

Time's measure lost long ago,
My mind drifted in dreams of wretched youth,
Of earthly despair, of great expectations and failures.
But I know they're gone,
Carried away in the clammy breeze blowing darkly through the mist.
And I know that here I am everything, yet I am nothing.
I am, I am.

George Chadderdon © 1991