Larger Than Life

I want to live; I want to die.
My spirit is filled with chaos.
Life is my dungeon; life is my meadow.
Love is my sorrow; love is my hope.
Let me love!

I want to die; I want to live,
All in one motion,
And so be reborn, lord of my destiny,
Sage of wisdom,
And lover of life.
Let me live!

I want the brass; I want the lace.
I want to weep and laugh with passion.
I long to taste the fruits of life.
Let me dine!

I want to sleep, and sleep again,
To rest my weary spent life force,
A hollow husk, a dying flame,
Let me sleep and sleep again.

I want to waken and be more
Than simply who am I,
To wake to love, and happiness,
To greet the day with a child's wonder,
To end the day with content,
To know that I have lived.
Let it be!

George Chadderdon © 1992