An Ale Song in Praise of Livia

Livia! Livia! Livia!
Let's hear it for Lady Livia!
Each starry night she'll serve you right.
Three cheers for Lady Livia!

The day is done, so here we run
     To drive our cares away.
The night is fine, a splendid wine,
     A draught which can allay

The dullness of the city dreams,
     The listless clock's ballet,
The street, the office pageantry
     Which marks the hours of day.

Livia! Livia! Livia! etc.

So have a drink or sit and think
     Or marvel at the scene
In here you'll find the atmosphere
     Is like nowhere you've been.

There's dining, dancing, music from
     The nineteenth century,
And every Tuesday's reading night,
     Bewitching poetry.

Livia! Livia! Livia! etc.

The ladies here are kind and dear,
     Rare beauties heaven-sent.
The crowd, you'll find, is one-of-a-kind
     And of a heady bent.

So if you're lonely and in need
     Of sparkling conversation,
No finer place will set the pace
     Without a reservation.

Livia! Livia! Livia! etc.

Our Livia has the rarest draughts,
     The most enchanting liquor,
So pick the poison for your ills;
     No one can cure you quicker.

Escape the neon century
     In all its steel and glass,
The cybernetic spirit world
     Of concrete, foam, and gas.

Livia! Livia! Livia! etc.

So be our guests, O spirits blessed
     With Gothic tastes refined.
Come join our dance, our strange romance
     And let your senses dine!

The day is done, so to us run
     And join our merry din.
The night is fine, a splendid wine
     So let the masque begin.

Livia! Livia! Livia! etc.

George Chadderdon © 1994