Lord of Entropy

Do you watch your nations crumbling and wonder why?
Do you ever wonder why it is what lives must die?
Why are towering mountains swallowed by the sea?
The answer is that they are all consumed by me.

See the empires of mankind slowly waste away.
Watch abandoned corpses wither and decay,
As rust gnaws away at the iron gate,
Even stars in the heavens finally meet their fate.

I am the nameless one, cloaked in ebony.
Dissolving everything that was and that will be.
I'm the king of chance. I rule your destiny.
Even mighty gods fear the Lord of Entropy.

The chaos and stagnation that are wrought by me,
Are the products of universal law you see.
There is nothing bearing order that can stand my might.
In the end, there will be naught, but eternal night.

George Chadderdon c. 1987-1989