The Moon and I

The moon and I are at thy side
While turbid darkness does abide
With sky encloaked in morbid fears
And eyes awash with bitter tears.

This hour of midnight must abate.
Ye scions of deceit and hate
Shall perish with my mortal breath
To lift the curse of life in death.

The moon and I in twilight shine
To bathe a noble beauty, thine
With tranquil blue and silvery light,
Twin sapphires burnished in the night.

So rest beneath our tender glow
And unto thee shall we bestow
The knowledge of the queen thou art
To fortify thy wounded heart.

The wisdom born of eons passed
We sing to thee, thou maiden chaste.
Love thyself, and take thee care
To guard the treasure that thou bear.

Thy flesh, thy soul, shall men desire,
Such passion does thy gaze inspire,
So conquerors shall set their snare.
Of their cunning, maid, beware!

Love thyself, thou precious gem,
And from thy love let wisdom stem,
For each of us is born divine,
And each a pillar to enshrine.

So let our presence solace bring
And cease thy misplaced suffering,
For thou art blessed as the sky,
Beloved of the moon and I.

George Chadderdon © 1992