My Foot Hurts

My foot hurts:
the right one
just behind the ball
where it meets the arch
on           the in-side.

Isn't it funny how often you
never notice something until it
     pains you?
You walk through life
thinking about
     your job
          a pepperoni pizza
               your girlfriend's big tits
          things you need to do Saturday
     that great movie you saw last week
your weird neighbors
          your wife's annoying habits
               the scarcity of parking
     catchy tunes
the kid's baseball game...
               All these things
you think about as you
tromp your way down the golden highway.

But when your foot hurts,
there is a new awareness of being.
The foot becomes
your intimate,
reminds you it is yours
that you should love it
be nice to it
not enrage it unduly lest it
     stomp all over your day.

George Chadderdon © 1998