Cold, cold night.
     Lidless eyes
          Glaring through the blackness,
          Into the depths of my spirit,
          Into the dungeons of my mind,
     Drinking the sap of my sorrow,
     Feasting on the marrow of my fear,
          Swallowing tree, flesh, and flower,
          Field, wall, and tower.
     Fade into nothing within nothing,
A lone fleck of sand within the maw of the infinite.

Cold, cold night.
     Lying alone, utterly alone.
          Wishing, hoping, wondering
          What shadowy Fate will bring,
     Lost within a thought so deep and mournful;
Death and desire.

Cold, cold night.
     Forest murmurs,
               Mouthless whispers,
                    Insane babblings of tortured phantoms
                    Singing, howling, wailing in the murky breeze:
     "Despair! For night shall reign forever!"
Cold, cold night!

George Chadderdon © 1994