Petty Trials

Petty trials.
Hear your master calling,
Jump those hoops,
For your cat-nip.
Flee from the lashes of the master's whip.

Petty trials.
Do your homework.
Cram your mind
Before the test.
So you can regurgitate it
On cue so the world can pass judgment on you.
What, you say this stuff is useless?
Too bad then; it is required.

Petty trials.
Love thy neighbor
Even if he loves you not.
But guard your treasure well, my friend,
Lest you see it come to naught.

Petty trials.
Always smile
When the world cuts your throat,
For frowning rains on everyone's party,
And we couldn't have that, now, could we?

Petty trials.
Cut your hair
And dress as they would have your dress.
So they can judge you by appearance,
And determine if you are a scumbag.

Petty trials.
Kiss some ass
When you would seek out a favor.
Never mind what's just and fair.
It's flattery that buys your aims.

Petty trials.
Society beckons,
Toil your days,
For your bread.
Learn to kowtow to the system,
Bow and kneel to the end.

Petty trials,
And petty jury
Of ignorant fools and indifferent sages.
Who is this judge who presides
Over this farce?
Whoever he is, he must be mad,
To waste his time so foolishly,
With such petty, petty trials!

George Chadderdon © 1992