A Poet's Lament

Sifting through a sea of dreams
Searching for recurring themes
Left unsung and undispersed
In my growing tome of verse...

Death and love, of thee I sing,
A tale of each man's wandering,
And of the curse that each must bear
To flee the shadow of despair.

I mortal man exult and scorn
Each day another child is born
An animal and yet divine
By a twist of Fate's design.

I sing of darkness of the heart
Within the man who lives apart,
Courting madness, wooing pain,
A victim of a world insane.

I celebrate the mortal mind
A wondrous paradox to find.
I voice the laws of nature's spawn,
And greet the dusk which leads to dawn.

With so much written in my verse,
The prospects with each line grow worse
Of seizing new and grander themes
To scribe within this book of dreams.

George Chadderdon © 1992