Riding With Eddie

It's all attitude.
Doll or no doll,
Stuffed or starving,
     All attitude.
Do you hate life?
Do you think the world shit on you?
     It's your attitude.
Do you think that God made the world for you,
That you're high for life?
     More attitude, pal.
It's all attitude...
So the way I figure,
So long as you're stuck here
You might as well have a good attitude.
You late with the rent?
     You could be in 'Nam.
You out on the street?
     You could be dead.
People work themselves up over all kind of
     Stupid things:
Getting the perfect job,
The perfect wife,
The perfect house.
In the end, what difference does it make
If everything is shit-city to you?
Listen, kid.
I may be a cab-driver, but I can tell you something
Most of those busy, uptight types haven't figured out yet:
It's all how you look at things;
Happy or sad, it's always your call.
And what makes your call?
     Your attitude.

George Chadderdon © 1996