Spiritual People

What does it mean
when a person says they're
(That they have no substance?)

It is a word they seem to think
makes them special or virtuous.
They say it with pride.
And when you ask them what
their beliefs are...

They talk about:
How chanting can change your karma,
Or how you can be "saved" by believing.
(Who is it I need to be saved from?).
They talk of dead men arisen
Or of how they were wanting some little thing
and a friend gave it to them, not knowing,
Or maybe they talk about how they know
the innermost secrets of the universe,
Or how they will transcend the world,
Become immortal,
Find eternal joy.

I do not fault the honest Christian,
raised on the bread and butter of belief,
the one who never questions beliefs
because they need them or because these beliefs
make them happier.
It's these
followers of the new-age, yuppie fad-religions!
People who can't think for themselves,
but want other people to be impressed
because of their intriguing,
esoteric beliefs.
Well, damn them all!
Not with eternal hellfire—
for their sins are not that bad—
just something incredibly annoying,
like a whole century of listening to nothing except Whitney Houston albums!

Do I complain too much about my fellow man? Do I expect too much?

George Chadderdon © 1998