(Imagine a pleasant Strauss waltz, gradually transmogrifying into a grotesque, demonic scherzo. Each line is, except where indicated, a 3/4 bar. -- indicates silent or held-syllable beats.)

moderate tempo, slowly accelerating, mild, graceful waltz music
Say, young man,
Winsome man,
Handsome lad,
Nimble youth. --
Come and dance;
Won't you dance
With this dame,
Tender youth? --
I am kind, --
Loving too, --
A thousand kisses --
Wait for you --
If you'll step,
Step. Step. Step.
Dance with your
La -- dy.
slow tempo
That's my lad,
Blushing lad. --
Left hand in-
to my right. --
Right hand a-
bout my waist. --
Oh, how I
Lo -- ve you!
a little faster, now accelerating
Step. Step. Step.
Left. Right. Left.
I'll lead, my
Lover true. --
Step. Step. Step.
Left. Right. Left.
How I a-
do -- re you!
-- -- --
-- -- --
-- -- --
-- -- --
by now, moderate tempo: brisk, lively waltz
Oh, my sweet. --
How your feet --
Move to my
Rhy -- thm.
Now a man, do you
Understand that
You are mine,
Mine alone? --
Mine alone to
Love and own. --
Restless hawk,
Grace my glove.
Fly not far,
Turtledove. Stay!
Dance with your
La -- dy.
Dance. Dance. Dance.
Lover, yield. --
Our romance, our
Covenant is
Sealed. -- --
-- -- --
-- -- --
-- -- --
-- -- --
by now, fast tempo; sinister,warlike music gradually invades
Ya! Ha! You
Wild man. Say,
You perspire. My,
You look tired. --
Not yet, my
Little man. The
Day is yet
Young and I, still
Think you fair!
-- -- --
Beyond compare! --
-- -- --
And I love your
Energy. The
Way you give your every
Breath to me, and I
Know you can't resist my
Fond embrace. Nor
Could your brother, though I
Dare say, it is not to
His disgrace. --
Yes, my dear. --
Others, too, have
Frolicked here. --
Step. Stepped through
Mortar-fire, --
Foxtrot through the
Squalid mire. --
Shell and blast, --
Thunder past. --
Dance my lads!
Dance and dance! --
As I advance, --
Drums and chants. --
Into fox-holes,
Dainties, prance! --
artillery boom in first beat -- -- --
-- -- --
artillery boom in first beat -- -- --
artillery boom in first beat -- -- --
On your toes! --
Step, little soldier!
Step, little soldier!
Step! Step! Step!
Step! -- --
Left! Right! Left!
Left! -- --
Fast now, make
Double-time! --
Double-time for your
La -- dy!
-- -- --
-- -- --
-- -- --
-- -- --
now at fastest speed, music cackling and demonic
What, old man?
Can't you keep the rhythm?
Can't you keep the rhythm?
Wretched, lazy oaf!
slap on first beat Dance, when I bid you!
slap on first beat Dance, lazy crochet!
four beats per line
Dance until I say it's time to
Stop! -- -- --
three beats per line again, now at moderate pace, accelerating moderately until fast tempo

Fool! Hear what you have
Done! Can't you keep the
Rhythm? Can't you keep the
Rhythm? Feeble slug!
You! -- --
I had once adored you!
I had once adored you!
Now you cower like a
Beaten dog. --
Filth! -- pah! spit on last beat
You are so pathetic!
Wretch! -- -- thud on last beat
Tremble in the dust!
What is this? --
Now you fear! --
Ha! Ha! I can
Hear your heart as it
Beats with my laughing,
Beats with my laughing!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! -- --
Get up, good-for-nothing,
If you wanta' dance!
Get up, wheezing camel,
If you wanta' party!
thud on first beat Bah! Taste the floor-boards!
How I really tire
Of you! Tire of you!
Now this dance is OVER!
fast deceleration of tempo, low strings growling in descent
-- -- --
-- -- --
-- -- --
-- -- --
slow tempo by now, pizzicato strings with words in mocking major
Thank you, my
Dear. -- --
It has been
Swell. -- --
abandoning all rhythm, no music
Now off with you, to Hell!
pause, then resuming three beats, tempo as before, pizzacato as before
It had to
End -- --
Sometime, my
Friend. -- --
Hearts once so
Fleet -- --
Must cease to
Beat. -- --
Other lads
Wait -- --
To share in your
Fate. -- --
The ladies
Too -- --
Must come to
Rue. -- --
pause, then four beats per line, strings tremelo in terrible triumph
-- -- Ha! Ha! --
-- -- Ha! Ha! --
I said, "You're mine and mine alone!"
Now can't you see it's true? --
My little man, run if you can,
The dancer overtakes you! --
tempo slows
-- -- -- --
-- -- -- --
three beats per line again, crawling tempo, strings pizzicato only on first beat
(half-whispered) Step. Step. Step.
I draw near.
Dread and fear
Are in vain.
Left. Right. Left.
Death is here.
Death is here
For her swain.
Cease to cry.
Lover, die. -- loud bass-drum thud on last beat
Lover, die. -- loud bass-drum thud on last beat
Die... -- --
low, mid registrer brass blast emphatic staccato minor chord

George Chadderdon © 1995