Who Invented Why?

Who invented Why, and why?
Wherefore did who-ever invent Why, wherefore?
What is Why anyway?

A statement of purpose? What is purpose?
Who invented purpose, and why?
Wherefore did who-ever invent purpose, wherefore?
What purpose does purpose serve?
How do we purpose purpose?

Who can answer Why? Who?
Why is relative to the mind who questions.
What and Where and Who have names
To which a finger may be pointed.
When we see from dusk to dawn and in the mirror as time moves on.
How we discover through trial and error as we pursue our lives,
But Why's a fancy ever fleeting, a changeling faerie firelight.
A will'o'wisp sent to beguile us into the murky twilight.
Why is for fools and sages.
Why is for poets and priests,
But pain and pleasure command the beasts,
And so, by default, command the one,
The vainest creature to receive the cursed gift of life,
A life that's lived but to die,
The one who lives to seek a purpose,
The one who invented Why.

George Chadderdon © 1993