Why Do We Hate You?

Why do we hate you?
Let's be honest about it...
It isn't really
The color of your skin,
The weird way you talk,
What god you worship,
What foods you will or won't eat,
The way your hair looks,
Or the awful way you dress.
The matter is simply this...

You're one of Them,
One of Those People.
We get ancy when you're around
'Cause you don't act like we do,
Don't walk our walk,
Talk our talk,
And the people you hang with aren't like us either.
We don't like how you look at us
Like you think you're better than us
Or have a right to the same things folks like us have,
And we know what you people are up to;
You think you can hide it from us,
But we know.

George Chadderdon © 2000