Writing is Hard

Writing is hard
like getting up at six in the morning.
You know you should but
     things keep holding you back.
     Little things
like needing sleep,
     having to work a day job,
          visiting with friends,
     playing video games,
going dancing,
          thinking about your career...

Sometimes you just don't feel like it.
You load up that fabulous short story
Or that half-complete epic and
     you're seized with a kind of dread.
          So much to do! So little time!
     The lines and paragraphs
indict you with their accusing stare,
          Finish me, goddamn you!
and you stare back and groan:
     no... i can't.
          i just can't.
               not now.
          i'm so sorry.
and another father abandons his half-raised children,
     forgets them even as they
           mope sadly in lost regions of the hard-drive.
Yes, writing is hard,
     very hard

George Chadderdon © 1999